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“I have no hesitation in recommending Red Frog Fitness. Charles’ friendly assistance and professional knowledge is very reassuring and its always a pleasure to attend our group fitness training sessions.To obtain the best result I realize that much of this comes down to me and what I am willing to put in the effort, but at the same time Charles has made this achievable with the variety he puts into our sessions and his commitment to the people in the group.

I look forward to continuing these sessions in 2015.”
– Deb (Age 45)

“Red Frog Fitness is a sociable, friendly bootcamp. It’s excellent training for your fitness goals. And if you stick with it, you will get the results. We’ve completed Tough Mudder and the Brisbane Half Marathon since joining RFF. We’ve really noticed the difference in our strength and fitness. Charles creates a very welcoming, non-judgemental atmosphere, and is very encouraging. Best of all, he always mixes it up with a variety of exercises so you never know what the next session is going to be.”

– Sandy & Kat (Age 30 & 31)

“I have been taking part in group fitness sessions with Charles since July 2014 and have nearly completed my first 8 week challenge.
The sessions are motivating, fun, variable and challenging. I was nervous when I first started as I had not completed group training exercises since having a baby. Charles is great trainer and immediately made me feel comfortable. He has always provided me with encouragement while understanding my limitations.
I am now fitter and stronger (can now do pushups and burpees!). I am looking forward to the next 8 week challenge.”

– Jane (Age 32)

“I’d reached a point in my life where I had to make some choices about my health going forward. After the Doctor told me I needed to loose at least 50kgs, I knew I had to make some changes.

Working with Charles is giving me a well-balanced approach to improving myself and the extra fitness work I’m now happy to do on my own is all adding up.

I have lost 30kgs to date and will admit that being able to exercise was very hard to start. But now I look forward to my two PT sessions a week, it’s still hard work but working with Charles makes it so much easer.”

– Chris (Age 44)

“After trying various fitness groups over the years, I have finally found Red Frog Fitness. I can not only enjoy a challenging workout with new friends, but my kids are also welcome to join in the fun whenever I need to bring them along, so there are no more excuses!

I also love the smaller group size, which is less intimidating for me. It also allows for Charles to spend more time with me during the classes so I get the most out of the sessions.

Red Frog Fitness is helping me to achieve my goals in a fun, relaxed and encouraging environment.”

– Emma (Age 35)

“Having had an almost pathological fear and loathing of exercise, I was incredibly nervous to begin training with Charles at Red Frog Fitness. Now, after 12 weeks, I am completely committed and enjoying something so much more than I ever imagined I would!
The people are friendly, non judgemental and supportive and Charles makes you believe you can do anything!
If you are considering commencing Group Fitness or Personal Training, I can’t recommend Red Frog Fitness more highly!!!”

– Fionna (Age 39)

“Getting fit is made a whole lot easier with Red Frog Fitness. Knowing the variety of exercise that Charles packs into every session we’ve found its easy to keep motivated for classes. You’ll work every muscle group (even those you didn’t know you had)! We’ve really enjoyed Charles’ friendly and professional style of coaching which makes coming to each session a pleasure. If you’re thinking of giving group fitness a go, give Red Frog a try. We guarantee you won’t regret it!”

– Mia and Jen (Age 29 & 31)

“Charles did something I didn’t ever think possible – he makes exercise FUN!
My achievements with Red Frog have outstripped my wildest dreams. Under his guidance I am now able to do things that I thought I’d never be able to do. Charles puts heaps of work into giving us just the right session. I don’t know where he gets some of the stuff from, but it’s worked for me.”

– Martin (Age 36)

“I have been training with Red Frog Fitness for only a short period of time, but have thoroughly enjoyed each and every session. Charles does a fantastic job at mixing up each workout, and I can guarantee that you will be doing something different almost every time, just to keep your body guessing. My fitness levels have improved immensely since I started, and I am able to push myself to my limits. Charles is very supportive and encouraging the whole time. I have met some amazing people as well, and we always end with a massive smile on our faces. I would definitely recommend Red Frog Fitness to anyone – you’ll be glad you joined.”

– Sabrina (Age 33)

“I would really like to thank Charles for helping me reach goals I thought I’d never achieve! I was able to shed kilos, tone my shape and most importantly… get excited about exercise again!!! From my very first session I was provided with a professional trainer who carefully monitored my fitness levels, and were able to motivate me to do things that I never believed were possible (yes, I can do sets of 50 burpees now!).

Regular weigh-ins and measurement recordings also provided me with the information to show that I was on track, or if I needed to work harder in certain areas. I really enjoyed that Charles has a casual, but ALWAYS PROFESSIONAL approach to his classes. This has seen my attitude to exercise and training completely turn around. I loved that at EVERY session I was working (and sweating) harder than I would ever push myself to do on my own – but we always managed to have a few laughs when doing so!

Thanks so much Red Frog Fitness – I can fit into clothes again that have been hiding in the back of my wardrobe for the past 2 years!!!”
– Tim (Age 42)

“I started at Red Frog Fitness six weeks out from a bikini competition for some extra cardio. I lost 5% body fat and smashed my body goals! I never thought that I would have such a good time and meet so many amazing people from all fitness backgrounds. Each session was different and I was constantly challenged… there was no getting away with being lazy!

I loved the:

    • Combination of strength training and cardio. No boring long runs or constant repetitions! I have a wealth of new exercises under my belt!
    • Red frogs at the end of every session!
    • People of all shapes and sizes working towards different goals.
    • Being part of the Red Frog Family and seeing everyone improve together”

– Nicola (Age 25)

“I previously did a fair bit exercise but get bored doing it by myself so I looked up personal trainers in the Milton area and chose Red Frog. They have helped me train hard and achieve my goals; however it’s the variety they offer which really helps, I am never bored and they are always coming up with a new way to test me. I could not recommend Red Frog Fitness enough if you are looking to get fit, but also have fun.”
– John (Age 44)

“If you had told me a few months ago that I would be working out 5 out of 7 days I would have laughed at you. Thanks to Charles and his passion for fitness and healthy living, he has given me the motivation and guidance to do exactly that. He has shown me how to make exercise a fun part of my life. I am leaner, fitter and stronger. Since having a PT session once a week I have become more aware of the benefits and the respect I have for my body. I am healthy and feel so happy in my life. Having the guidance of a PT to provide a resistance and cardio program in conjunction with advice about my nutrition has fast tracked my goals. Knowing I have someone to push me in the right direction only motivates me more for the times when I am on my own. The feeling of achievement when I reach each goal has been the best gift I have ever been given.”
– Tracy (Age 45)

“I had never been a sporty person and had been overweight in the past. I started Personal Training not only to lose weight but to increase my fitness and to tone. I could never manage to lose weight off my arms and I had barely any upper body strength. I was able to run for one minute when I started, had never been able to do more than two push ups and had never been able to do a pull up. I can now do pull ups and push ups with ease and I can run for 25 minutes at a time. I now have definition in my legs or arms and the compliments I get for my new body are so fantastic. I feel incredible just in time for my 40th birthday. Thanks Red Frog Fitness!”

– Nikki (age 39 and 3/4’s)

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