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Get Your Team Fit

fit-for-workWant to get the most out of your lunch break or after work? Want to have healthier, happier, more productive employees?

Red Frog’s Corporate Fitness aims to help your organisation make a positive impact on your employees through corporate fitness training. Our Corporate Fitness sessions are designed to encourage employees to leap out of their chairs and desks and step outside to embrace fitness!

Regardless of fitness levels or age, we can develop a corporate fitness approach that accommodates your staff’s health and wellness needs.

Whether you are running a small establishment or a large multi-national company, it’s important to remember that the health and wellbeing of your employees is also your business. After all, happy and healthy employees are the foundation of every good business. Successful companies understand this, which is why they implement programs to optimise the health and wellness of their staff.

Red Frog Corporate Fitness training sessions can be run at lunchtime or after work (or at any other suitable time). Sessions are systematic, dynamic and functional workout designed with the goal to increase muscle tone, muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness and core strength. Exercises are explained and monitored by your trainer for technique and safety.

How It Works

Red Frog Corporate Fitness training sessions are creative, effective, functional, motivating, challenging and make exercise lots of fun! They utilize functional and primal exercises to improve overall fitness and to shed fat fast!

Each session is different combining body weight exercise, circuit training, boxing, Tabata, kettle bells, agility exercises, core strengthening and much more.

Regardless of age or fitness level of your employees, the workouts can be scaled so that you’ll get a safe and challenging workout.

Corporate Fitness Benefits

Corporate Fitness is an investment in a company’s most valuable asset: its people. It shouldn’t be viewed as an added expense or a burden to the business. Rather the organization should focus on the numerous benefits that Corporate Fitness will achieve. Implementing Corporate Fitness training can:

  • Improve employee work-life balance
  • Attract quality employees
  • Reduce employee turnover
  • Create healthier and happier employees
  • Improve staff productivity, morale and motivation
  • Create a positive work environment
  • Reduce absenteeism from illnesses and injuries
  • Provide a fantastic staff benefit
  • Improve your company reputation and profile
It’s All About Your Team

Corporate fitness training is focused on team-building and bonding exercises to develop team skills. We seek to provide a fun, safe, and enjoyable workout atmosphere for staff members to help them achieve a healthier body and attitude, translating to a more efficient and productive workforce.

Our trainers are specialists in conducting group activities and fitness sessions which are designed to develop teamwork, forge leadership skills and provide ongoing “life skills” on how to live a healthier and more enjoyable life.

Locations can be arranged from your place of business, a suitable nearby park or a local landmark such as Suncorp Stadium.

We are highly flexible in how we deliver the training packages and we have Public Liability Insurance and a focus on safety to provide you with absolute peace of mind.



  • At an outdoor location suitable and proximal to your business

Session Length

  • 45 minutes
  • Can be catered to suit your needs; 30 mins, 60 mins etc.


What to bring to corportate fitness

  • Towel and/or your favourite exercise mat
  • Water
  • Sun protection (Hat, sunscreen etc.)
  • Personal medication, if required (e.g. Asthma inhaler)
  • A positive attitude!
...and of course, your fellow employees.

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