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Exercise Outdoors. No Equipment used.
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6 Week Challenge

mix-up-your-trainingIf you are totally happy with your current health and fitness, and all your favorite clothes still fit perfectly, then do not read any further. However, if you are a little off track and want to get back into the fitness routine and feel more energized at work and in your daily routine, then sign up for the next Red Frog Fitness 6 Week Challenge.

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Personal Training

boxing-fitnessRed Frog Personal Training allows the trainer to focus completely on you. Individualised fitness programs at a time and place that suits you. Our nationally accredited personal trainers will create high intensity workouts to help you achieve your personal fitness goals.

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Corporate Fitness

fit-for-workWant to get the most out of your lunch break or after work? Want to have healthier, happier, more productive employees? Red Frog’s Corporate Fitness aims to help your organisation make a positive impact on your employees through corporate fitness training. Our Corporate Fitness sessions are designed to encourage employees to leap out of their chairs and desks and step outside to embrace fitness!

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Buddy Training

better-health-kettle-bellsBuddy training is a great way of getting fit and staying fit with a partner or friend. Buddy training allows you to motivate each other, push each other and commit to fitness together…at a lower 
cost to you! Red Frog Buddy Training is a cost effective way to exercise. You will get all the benefits of a Personal Trainer, but be able to share the costs with your buddy.

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Specialty Groups

specialty_groupsTraining with a group of like minded people or with people who you have something in common with is a great way to get motivation from others who are similar to you and to grow the bonds you already have.

Specialty Groups is a great way to get in shape in a fun, friendly and supportive environment with your friends, colleagues and other like minded friends-to-be.

Training with a group will provide a great variety of workout sessions. Watching others work towards their health and fitness goals will be motivating for you to keep striving toward achieving your own goals.

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