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Exercise Outdoors. No Equipment used.
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Before starting any exercise routine you should speak to your doctor about whether this routine is suitable for you.

It’s Time to get you moving, get you motivated, get you smashing out of the body you used to have and into the body of your dreams!

Implementing these 7 Tips to Melt Fat Fast may just change your life …


TIP 1 Goal setting is Motivation!

You need to start any program you undertake with really clear, strong goals. Strong goals will drive you to make rational choices over emotional ones, it will help you put down the cake and pick up your runners!
To set Goals you need to be SMART about it literally!  SMART goals require you to set:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time Bound

An example of a SMART goal is I want to lose 10kgs of body fat in 20 weeks targeting my stomach, arms, and bum!





Eat Breakfast

The number one rule when it comes to eating is making sure you give your body gets what it needs to get through the day. This all starts with a High protein breakfast.

If you decide not to feed yourself in the morning your body will go into a “Starvation mode”. In this mode your body will want to store fat instead of burn it due to an increase in the stress hormone cortisol.

A great nutritious breakfast will also help your concentration level throughout the day!
So what are you waiting for go down to the shops and get your healthy breakfast options sorted!



Hydrate to lose weight

Did you know that you need to consume at least 1/3 of your body weight (divided by 10) of water per day?

If you are dehydrated your body is going to retain excess water causing bloating! Drink more water and you will look thinner!

Water is also proven to make you look younger!

Water also gives you more energy. This is due to the efficiency your body can run at whilst hydrated; again helping you get through the temptation of afternoon snacks.



Do Resistance Training

Resistance training is the single most effective exercise technique for weight loss! It has the strongest metabolic effect on your body, and will enable you to burn unwanted ugly body fat whilst you sleep!

You can do this by using weights, just body weight resistance, resistance bands, kettle bells, a backpack or anything else you can find that is heavy!

Resistance training also has the effect of building lean mass which further unlocks your body’s fat burning potential, and mould and sculpt a sexy lean figure!

You need to be participating in resistance training 2 to 3 times per week for maximum gains.



Eliminate liquid calories

One of the most important things to do when taking on a healthier lifestyle is to cut liquid calories. This means that all you drink is water. No Juice, No Alcohol, No Milk Shakes, No Soft drinks, etc.

A lot of liquid calories have little or no nutritional value and tally up to ridiculous amounts of sugar, which spikes insulin and stops your body from turning into fat burning mode! Whilst you have added these excess calories to your body it will store them as fat rather than use them in carbohydrate stores or straight away as energy.

Bottom line ELIMINATE LIQUID CALORIES! You don’t need them. You get nothing out of them, so why drink them??




“HIIT” it hard!!

HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training

Short, time efficient workouts that boost your metabolism and get you burning fat on your off days!
The idea of these is to put as much energy and effort into each set rest and then hit it again! Most effective in a resistance based circuit training.

These workouts compliment resistance training and can achieve amazing weight loss results when these two types of training are combined in your training program.



Get R rated!

Rest – without adequate sleep your muscles will not recover and your body will stress! Better sleep means faster recovery and lower cortisol levels. People who get more sleep burn more fat, so hit the sack early and rest up.
Recover – If you are sick or injured do your rehabilitation and get back out there! Don’t push it to early and destroy your training regime!
Relax – If you are in a high stress environment all the time you are going to struggle to create new habits, fight cravings, and make training sessions. Make sure you have some “Zen” time so you’re at your strongest at all of these points and you will be successful. Don’t be afraid to take a moment to have a massage, or catch up on your favourite tv show, or play your favourite video game, It will benefit you long term!

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