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5 Things you Should do Before 9am

Posted: Thu September 21, 2017

An increasing body of research demonstrates that early risers are generally slimmer, healthier and happier which proves the old saying the “early bird catches the worm”. Shake up your wake up by including these five simple habits to your morning routine. 1. GET MOVING While there’s no best time of day to exercise, the morning appears Read More

THE GOAL – Be a Winner, Not a Winer

Posted: Wed September 20, 2017

  As a young boy, I was always told to aim high and be the best that I could possibly be. I was told to work harder than anyone else in the room, apply myself to strive for excellence. When I look back at myself, was I the hardest worker? No. Did I strive for Read More

Lost 3kgs in a Week… Guaranteed!!

Posted: Mon September 18, 2017

If you want to lose at least 3 Kgs in 1 Week, then click here now to enter your details and find out more!  The cost is only $29 and if you don’t Lose At Least 3Kgs, we will Gift you Double your Investment back. What have you got to Lose??  … Except weight!!! The last time Read More

Getting Started With Exercise

Posted: Sat September 16, 2017

Hi team The biggest challenge for people looking to get into training is how to get started. How to build the foundational habits that enable you to form an addiction to training and then eventually getting all the results you desire! We all know the formula for weight loss: (Great Nutrition + Training) × (Consistency + Read More

5 Ways to Increase your Wellness and Happiness

Posted: Fri September 15, 2017

Have you ever wanted to be happier in your every day life ? Have you built systems in your life to combat your anxieties, depressive states and anger but stuck on increasing overall happiness and wellness?  Then this post will be extremely relevant for you! The tools to take you from miserable to neutral are Read More

The 6 Minute Abs Smasher Challenge

Posted: Thu September 14, 2017

Have you ever wondered what kind of training or exercises to do on a light training day or days off? Maybe you feel like smashing out a workout, or maybe you’re a beast and don’t feel your workout pushed you to your limits. Well I have a challenge for all of you and it won’t Read More

Overcoming and Preventing Loss of Motivation

Posted: Wed September 13, 2017

There are going to be those times where you fall into a rut, whether it is with training, eating habits or just general motivation for life. This is a normal part of living however it is up to you if you chose to stay in this low or break free from your own lies. What Read More

Habits of Success Series – Plan and Prepare your Food

Posted: Tue September 12, 2017

“If you fail to plan you plan to fail” Benjamin Franklin The food you put into your body will either heal you or harm you and if you are eating like crap at the moment you are doing more harm than good. So we should all be pumped to eat healthy so we feel great Read More

Have you struggled with change in your life?

Posted: Mon September 11, 2017

My thoughts on initiating change and taking control of your life.   The process of change can be a long one, over the years of talking to people about wanting to change, and what has brought them to the point of taking action, the majority have sat on the decision to make change for over Read More

The Arrow Workout

Posted: Sun September 10, 2017

The Arrow Work Out – The ultimate choose your own adventure training!  Working on compound movements. Targeting multiple muscle groups, the body burns a great amount of calories during the workout, after the workout and also the next couple of days. The arrow workout is designed to work on all aspect of fitness including, strength, Read More

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    7 Tips to Melt Fat Fast

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